Be a Mentor

How did you get involved in the outdoors? You probably had a friend who taught you the ropes!

Embarks mentors are not only passionate about outdoor sports and stewarding the land, but also maintain a positive and encouraging force in the lives of those around them.


Other Positions

Embark has many support roles that are important to daily operation.


Mentor — Wasatch Hiking & Climbing

The Embark team goes for weekly hikes in the Wasatch. During the winter season we hike in snow with trail crampons. This volunteer will rotate shifts with one other mentor to bring our girls indoor rock climbing each week.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Valid WFR Certification

Director of Communication

Embark's Director of Communication will speak on behalf of the Embark program, and work with brands and media professionals to ensure that all media and content created around Embark properly represents the program and our mission.