Program Founders


Camille Fiducia

Embark Program Founder & Director

Camille discovered climbing in 2012, while attending college at the University of Utah. As Camille’s love for climbing grew to include rock, ice, and snowy mountains, she also cultivated a career in the fitness industry as a model, which allows her to invest more of her time in her non-profit work. In 2018, Camille took her love of climbing and fitness to Afghanistan, where she worked with Ascend, an American NGO giving Afghan women the tools and knowledge to climb mountains, and in the process, helps rebuild the cultural expectations for women in Afghanistan. 6 months later, she launched Embark as a program of Utah-based 501c3, Elevated Mountain Guides. She continues to visit and work in Afghanistan, as well as managing Embark and her modeling career in the US.

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Nikki McGee

Founder, Elevated Mountain Guides

Nikki teaches rock climbing, yoga, snowboarding, fishing, backpacking, experiential outdoor education, and environmental stewardship. She grew up in Minnesota without a lot of resources or exposure to the outdoors until her college years when she was blessed to be introduced to rock climbing. Nothing Nikki had done before connected her more with herself and the land around her. Nothing else had ever given her such purpose, focus, or helped her PTSD! Little did she know that this would start her on a path where she would end up calling Utah her home and climbing and guiding her career! None of this would’ve ever come about, nor would she have ever gotten this far, without the generosity of her friends and colleagues in the outdoor industry. For this she is eternally grateful and wishes to pay it forward!


Erkki Becker

Co-FOunder, elevated Mountain guide

Since early on Erkki’s childhood, the outdoors have been a big, important part of his life. As a teen growing up at the foot of the Wasatch mountains in Utah Valley, the times spent both alone and with friends out in the wilderness were extremely important for him and his growth as a person. One key thing Erkki got out of those times spent outdoors was a broader perspective on himself, society, and the planet. He currently works at High West Distillery in Park City, Utah. It’s been a lot of work, and the journey to where EMG is today has been a long one, but every time he gets the opportunity to interact with the people EMG serves, it’s completely apparent that it’s all been very much worth it.


Program Staff



Allison Lamb

Climbing & Outdoor Mentor

Dana Buchholz

Climbing & Outdoor Mentor

Reid Wiegleb

Web Manager

Bryan Young

Program Developer

Thomas Michie

Social Media & Digital Assets